Industrial developments

High demand and fast growth in Botswana has led to the development of key industrial spaces, such Western Industries and Plot 97, in and around Gaborone.

  • Pipex
    • Pipex industrial property


    Warehouse space: 4 500m²
    Completed: 2001

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  • Western Industries
    • Western Industries

    Western Industries

    Space: 2 separate developments each with 8 267m² of offices and warehouse space
    Completed: 2010 & 2012

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  • GICP
    • GICP industrial property


    Space: 7 seperate developments each with approx. 3 500m² of offices and warehouse space
    Completed: 2002 to 2006

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  • DHL
    • DHL industrial property


    Warehouse space: 2 150m²
    Completed: 2003

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