400 houses for Botswana Government

Time Projects purchased 55Ha of land from the Roman Catholic Church of Botswana in the South of the city and designed the residential suburb known as Kgale View thereon. This flagship development in the early 1990’s was completed within budget and substantially ahead of program. Time Projects installed the infrastructure for 800 plots and the constructed all 400 houses purchased by Government within time frames previously unheard of in Botswana. The 400 houses were designed to the Governments specification and schedule of finishes and were divided into 240 small, 120 medium and 40 large houses. These were spread throughout the 800 plot suburb to ensure integration into the overall neighborhood and to reduce the appearance of institutional housing. Whilst there are repetitive designs the mixtures of color schemes, varied orientations and addition of various detailing further reduced the appearance of institutional housing. The private sector housing was later developed on the remaining 400 plots further helped in creating a varied residential landscape.