Block 6, Gaborone Private Public Partnership (PPP) residential development

This PPP consisted of 202 houses built on land made available to developers by the Government of Botswana under specific conditions. This highly successful PPP had the government unlocking the development by providing the land and bulk servicing to the land. Individual developers such as Time Projects then tendered to acquire tracts of land for development of low to medium housing. Time Projects originally acquired 133 plots on which it developed houses for sale on the open market but primarily to citizens of Botswana. Following this obvious success the Botswana Teachers Union who had been allocated 69 plots immediately adjacent to the Time Projects development approached Time Projects to assist with the development of its own plots. The 69 houses were then developed and sold exclusively to members of the union. Time Projects set the standard in this PPP by completing its 133 plot development and the 69 plot development of the BTU substantially ahead of any other developer in the area that had acquired land on the same tender basis.