Boiketlo Estate

Whilst not an enclosed estate the development has an identity of its own due to the Tuscan style housing, unifying boundary wall designs and the external paint colours being limited to those specified by the architects. A mixture of small and medium freestanding houses each on its own individual freehold plot. This was a joint venture development between the Botswana Housing Corporation who provided the land and supervising skills and Time Projects who provided the development and project management skills. The development was sold on a plot and plan basis with purchasers selecting a plot and a house from a catalogue of architecturally designed houses. Designs varied from the smaller 2 bedroom houses to full family homes with all the normal outbuildings being options on the larger plots. The smaller houses were all designed with predetermined future extension plans so that owners could enter into the development within their budget at the time but knowing how they could extend their homes as their affordability increased in years to come.